Where Can I Store Luggage In NYC


Are you fresh off the plane, and new to NYC? Are you still trying to understand the lay of the land with a bunch of luggage in your hands? Or did you urgently have to vacate your apartment and are now left with no place to stow your items? Or just perhaps, you are a temporary guest in NYC before you move to your permanent home!

In all these scenarios and many more, you are left with belongings that you can neither keep nor throw away.   

Hence the question is, where do you store your luggage in NYC?

Where Can You Store your Luggage in NYC?

With no home yet, storage is your best option to keep your valuables safe. You have to be careful while renting out a storage space in NYC though. Most of the storage services are ridiculously pricey. However, there are better options, such as the Bin It New York City Storage, that offer top-level services at an extremely reasonable rate.

You wouldn’t be able to find a better solution than Bin It, for your bulky items in NYC. The Bin It services would come to your doorsteps, pick up the items you want in the storage, and then drop them off whenever you need them back.

All you have to do is call, sit back, and wait for the company to do its job. What’s more, is that your items aren’t just left in the storage to fend for themselves. Around-the-clock security is provided to ensure the safety of your valuables. Some of the best things to keep in storage are the items you use once a year, such as holiday decorations, your skis, golf clubs, and outdoor furniture. You can even place your seasonal attires in the storage and get them at the beginning of the season.

As a result, you get open space in your apartment without throwing away any of your valuables.

Top Reasons to Use Storage Spaces In NYC

The idea of renting out a storage space might be foreign to many, but it’s a common practice in NYC. There are plenty of reasons to rent out a storage space in NYC, and here’s why we think it is the best decision you could ever make:

1-Emergency Eviction

In some cases, you might be asked to vacate your apartment on short notice. In situations like these, you often end up vacating the apartment before you even have the chance to find a new one. While spending a few days in a friends’ or a relative’s house is not a big deal, walking around with all your furniture and appliances might be a bit tricky. In a situation like that, an affordable storage place will be much appreciated.      

2-New to New York

We can guarantee you that New York City would be different from your old place of residence. It’s most likely that you’ll find a one-bedroom apartment at the same cost as you were paying for a 3-room apartment in any other state. Simply put, NYC is expensive. However, people still manage to live here and have a high quality of life, how? By making some smart decisions and using the right services.

One of the biggest challenges faced by people who only just moved to New York, is the lack of storage space, especially for those who moved with families. If you have moved to NYC from a large home, then you can benefit from storage space.

There are things that you can’t throw away because you use them, but you also can’t keep them in the forefront of your apartment because you don’t use them frequently enough. For items like that, you need trustworthy storage space.


Some people amongst us are extremely passionate about their arts. Once they start pursuing it actively, they are left with tons and tons of tools, projects, and items that have nowhere to go. Painters, for instance, have hundreds of paintings. A screenplay writer might be suffocating under the weight of their manuscripts. A wig collector could be desperate for space, the same goes for a seamstress. People need space for their collections, and if you are in NYC, we suggest renting out one of these spaces for your collection.

4-Home Based Startups

Starting a business from home is a courageous and brave thing to do. One of the biggest challenges faced by the new entrepreneurs is the space issue. Living in New York, a startup can never afford a warehouse. A warehouse space would be too large for a small business anyway. For temporary storage of goods, an up-and-coming entrepreneur can benefit greatly from a storage space in NYC. What’s more, is that the cost would be so much lower with Luggage storage in NYC.


If your house is under renovation, you can choose to put your belongings, especially large items in storage. This is especially a useful option for those who have a small house and cannot shift the furniture and other valuables in other rooms. Most importantly, this will also save your belongings from getting damaged during the renovation, or be at the risk of getting stolen in an empty house. 

6-To Declutter

Storage is an excellent way to keep your belongings organized and neatly packed. It is also a great way to keep your house decluttered without throwing away any of the useful stuff. Sometimes, you could be the most minimalist person, but you still end up accumulating things because they’d come in handy shortly. Education materials for instance. There are just some college books that you can’t get rid of because you know you’d be reading sometime again during your career. Whenever you feel like clearing out some space in your apartment, you can grab some stuff and send it to the storage.

The Convenient Solution

Bin It Storage in New York is one of the most convenient places to buy the boxes you need for a safe and efficient move. These guys also come pick up your stuff and deliver it back to your doorsteps whenever you need it. Their storage rates start from as low as $8/month. With top-notch security and efficient services, you can trust Bin It to resolve your storage issue in New York without costing you an arm and a leg.