M​oving Supplies NYC

Moving supplies NYC has never been more affordable and easy to obtain.  We offer unique moving supplies NYC service.  Through our company, you are able to get all the plastic totes or bins that you’ll need for your next move, without the cost of buying them.  That’s right!  We offer plastic bins that are rentable for a month.  Of course, should you need longer, we are happy to extend this time?  Just discuss that with us when you order. We are Bin-it and specialize in plastic totes that are easy to move and stackable.  Our bins will make your next move easy and flawless.   

Here at Bin-It, we like to make your move as easy as possible.  We will supply you with everything you will need to move.  We pride ourselves on the ease of your move! 


Bin It Plastic Moving Bins

Bin It Bins are made of heavy-duty plastic and measure 27″ L x 17″ W x 12″ H. They have ergonomically designed comfort-fit handles with heavy-duty attached lids that snap shut. They are nestable and stackable to save precious space when storing. Bin It Bins are made in the USA – not shipped from the other end of the planet. They are easy and convenient and are quickly replacing plain cardboard boxes as the only packing option when you move. Since these boxes are made out of plastic, they’re perfect for moving heavier items that traditional cardboard boxes couldn’t handle. Worried about your more expensive items? Our plastic moving containers, as well as our various packing materials will help ensure the safety of your valuables.

Wardrobe Box

Bin It  wardrobe boxes are designed to hold approximately 2 feet of hanging clothes. The dimension are 48″ Tall x 24″ wide and come with a hanging bar. Move your entire wardrobe with the greats of ease!


Bin It dollies are custom designed to fit our Bin It Bins. Each dolly has a 500 pound capacity and can easily handle four loaded and stacked Bin It Bins or a full wardrobe. The 4″ non marking casters provide durability and a smooth ride.

TV Box

This TV box is essential to protect your TV’s while you move.  These durable boxes will help protect against bumps on the road with the thick cardboard. These boxes are heavy-duty and double-walled for maximum protection. These are perfect for protecting your flat screen TVs.

Packing ​Supplies NYC

Looking for packing materials in NYC? At Bin it, we provide all of the needs supplies to help protect, and secure your next move. Don’t leave your packing supplies to just any company, select the most trusted source in New York.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is one of our favorite products. Not only does it provide excellent protection for fragile items like glass cups and plates, but it’s also fun for your kids to play with. Bubble Wrap can be purchased for $5.99 per 12 inch by 15 foot bubble wrap rolls.

Sofa & Mattress Covers

There is nothing Our Sofa and mattress covers will protect your belongings from dust, debris, as well as moisture while moving and storing.  These covers are made with a heavy-grade plastic.

Packing Paper & More

Our Packing Paper is made from 100% recycled newspapers and is biodegradable. It is an alternative to standard wrapping paper and tissue. Use it to wrap drinking glasses and plates and any other valuable items you want to protect. Packing Paper is also useful to fill in the empty spaces in your packed bins to prevent items from moving around. Packing Paper can be purchase for $12.99 for approximately 200 sheets. If you’re looking for affordable packing supplies, look no further than our lineup at Bin it.

ZIP Ties

Our Zip Ties are made from recycled plastic and are used to seal the bins once you are done packing them. You just insert them through the specially designed latch on each bin and pull them tight. You’ll never have to fumble around with hard to handle, expensive packing tape ever again. When you are unpacking your bins just cut them off and return them to us and we will recycle them to make more Zip Ties. We include 1 Zip Tie per bin in our packages for free however if you want more, they are available for purchase in the Moving Extras section.

Take a look at our great bins!

Each bin was specially designed for moving.  We believe that once you have used the bins and Bin-it you will never move without us again.  We have specifically designed our bins to stack neatly and nest within one another.  This is great for packing, storing, and getting the most space out of that moving truck.  Of course, having the bins stack will also allow you to move several at one time with ease.  There isn’t anything to worry about, as they are nested within one another in a manner that is locked in.  This allows you to use a hand dolly, which is provided with our bins, to move several of the boxes on the truck at one time.  This makes moving so much easier, especially in the city.  

Concerned about packing paper, bubble wrap, and wardrobe contents?  This isn’t an issue either.  We not only have these amazing bins that we have built our name around but also moving essentials such as zip ties, packing paper, wardrobe boxes, and more.  We have all your New York moving supplies​ that you would ever need.

Rentable Moving Supplies NYC

Rentable moving supplies NYC  in the form of resin bins are actually cheaper than buying moving boxes for the entire move.  However, we do offer some specialized boxes to help protect your tv and other valuable items. 

Most of our rentable moving supplies NYC are made from high-quality resin that has foldable lids that stack.  If you have ever moved with boxes you know that stacking one or two is easy.  However, that’s about the limit as they start to slip and slide about.  But, with our bins you can stack as many as you’d like. They are made for moving!  These bins are so easy to use that you’ll be asking yourself when you didn’t find us sooner.  

We get it, renting moving supplies NYC wasn’t always available.  But, it is now!  We are here to stay and glad to provide a unique service in this amazing city. Let us deliver them right to the door and for free for certain areas! Get started sooner rather than later on getting everything packed up and onto your new place with new awaiting adventures.

Although our bins are what we are most proud of.  We also offer many other moving supplies NYC to choose from. Take a look at we will be happy to answer any and all questions you might have.