Tools For Moving Furniture

Moving Prep

Moving furniture across your home or to a new place can be extremely exhausting. It not only affects you but your home and the furniture itself. However, with the right combination of tools and moving supplies, you can get the job done quite easily.

In this guide, we will be discussing the tools and supplies required for moving furniture and how to use them efficiently without damaging your furniture, home and body.

Plan & Gather Tools and Supplies

If you are planning to shift to a new place you must prepare before the moving day. You will need to formulate a strategy that takes into account all the challenges that will come your way when moving your belongings. 

You must map out the route you will be using to move your furniture. You will need to take into account doorways, stairs, and passageways. You might need to disassemble some furniture and items before you can move them. 

You should measure the dimensions of your furniture and large appliances to make sure that they can pass through the passageways and doorways. Doing this can help you decide if you need to disassemble any pieces or if you need to use a larger window, padded on each side, to move the furniture rather than a doorway.

Moreover, before you can start moving you will need to gather all the necessary tools and supplies. You will need moving blankets, stretch wrap, lifting straps, cable ties, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing sleeves, dollies, hand trucks, furniture sliders, and packing tape. 

You will also need to get boxes and bins to pack your belongings. Also, source a truck for transporting your belongings, just make sure that the truck will easily accommodate all of your stuff.

Disassembling Furniture Using An Electric Screwdriver

It is also necessary to disassemble furniture that can be taken apart. You can use an electric screwdriver to make your job easier. Possible furniture items that can be taken apart include dressers, desks, bookshelves, and media consoles. 

Furniture that is not shaped conventionally can be extremely difficult to move or transport as a whole. This kind of furniture can also be delicate and fragile, and moving it might require a lot more help. 

If you are taking help from professional movers then you can sit back and let them take care of the job but when you are pulling off a DIY move you will need to disassemble and reassemble the pieces yourself.  

Mirrors attached to dressers should be removed before moving, similarly, dining tables and furniture with detachable legs should be disassembled. All of this will make it easier for you to navigate through the doorways.

Remove any drawers from dressers to lighten the load. Similarly, remove any books off of bookshelves before making the move. 

For large chairs and seats, you can turn them on their sides. This will allow you to slide them through the small doorways by rotating their other end once the front goes through.

Packing Your Belongings In Boxes

Having big, sturdy boxes to pack your belongings is also important. You will need to get boxes of different sizes depending on the type of items you need to pack. If you have the original packaging of the items you can pack them in those otherwise you can find plastic moving bins from moving companies such as Bin It.

You should get these moving boxes and supplies in varying quantities to accommodate the essential items of your kitchen. 

You can pack heavier items in heavy-duty plastic moving bins so these items do not get damaged during transit. It might seem that heavy items are stronger but their weight makes them vulnerable to damage if they fall from a height. Medium-sized bins can be used to pack liquor bottles, glass jugs, or kitchen pots.

These plastic moving bins can be best for packing lightweight objects because they keep delicate objects safe. You can pack crockery and dishware in these. 

Larger sizes of plastic moving bins can be great for packing difficult and oddly shaped items such as kitchenware, dish racks, and other smaller accessories. 

Moreover, you can use cell kits to pack items such as glasses, stemware, and glass bottles. You can also pack other fragile structures in them. Cell kits provide a barrier and cushioning to the items. 

For items such as kitchen knives and cutlery, you can buy sleeves. These sleeves will protect the items from getting scuffed and keep you from getting cut when handling them.

Remember to stack items inside the bins in a manner in which heavy objects are at the bottom. Organize your plastic moving boxes and label them accordingly so you do not have to search for them in your new home.

Also, buy plenty of sheets of paper so you do not run out of it in the middle of kitchen packing.

Using Sliders To Move Furniture

Trying to move furniture across a wooden floor can be a nightmare. The furniture won’t slide on it and the floor will be left with scuffs and scratches. And then you will have to pay for these repairs to your landlord or the individual you have sold your property to. 

This problem can be easily solved by using furniture sliders under heavy furniture and other similar objects. Sliders can make it very easy for you to move a heavy object on your own.

Sliders are designed with one side made of felt and the other side made from smooth rubber or plastic.  They prevent wood floors and other vulnerable surfaces from being scratched while moving furniture. 

Moving Furniture Across Stairs And Ramps

If you live on the first level of a building then you will have to move your furniture across a flight of stairs or a ramp. In such cases, you will require the help of 1 to 2 friends who can help you to lift the furniture and move it downstairs. 

Similarly, if your building has a ramp then you can use a furniture dolly to move your furniture effortlessly to the rental truck. Just make sure that the furniture or object is secured with dolly straps and will not fall from the dolly.

Contact Bin It For Moving Supplies and Services

If you are planning to move, and have your belongings to pack, then consider buying or renting plastic moving bins and other moving supplies from companies like Bin it or hire their professional movers. Having the right moving supplies or trained professionals can make for a hassle-free and safe move to your next dream home!