The Right Way to Pack a Bathroom

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How to Pack a Bathroom for Moving – The perfect packing solution

In any home, the bathroom is one of the most personal spaces used on a daily basis. A bathroom is a necessity, so when you move or relocate, it needs to be functional until the very last day. You have to move and pack the rest of your household items before you can start your bathroom packing.

When you have finally packed and transferred the rest of your household and the time comes to pack your bathroom, there are many bathroom essentials you need to take care of. These include bathroom towels, bathroom appliances, bathroom liquids, and of course the bathroom mirror. 

To ensure that you are able to pack these fragile bathroom items with care and as quickly as possible you need to have a packing strategy. This will help you speed up the moving process and pack your bathroom in an organized and efficient manner. It will also ensure that you have all the bathroom supplies available until the last day of your move. 

Down below is a detailed bathroom packing guide to help you on your next move:

The Three-Step Bathroom Packing Process

Sorting, purging, and packing are the three basic steps of any relocation process. These are recommended for both households and bathrooms by every moving company.

Step 1: Sorting

The process of sorting is all about going through every nook and cranny of your bathroom. Go through bathroom cupboards and drawers to collect all the items and objects within them. Then start sorting the things in an organized manner.

The essential items you need on a daily basis should be sorted out and the other less essential items should be separated. This way the burden of finding daily use bathroom accessories in your new home will be reduced.

You can sort the items into categories such as bathroom electronics e.g hair dryers or blow dryers, essential toiletries, beauty products, and cosmetic products, medicines, and cleaning supplies.

Sorting them into categories can help you declutter once you set up your new bathroom. You can use plastic containers from Bin it to categorize them efficiently and neatly.

Step 2: Purge

Every bathroom has unnecessary items in it, they get collected over time. These can include expired personal care items such as shower gels, shampoo bottles, or aftershave lotions. It can also include broken appliances or accessories e.g broken hair clips. Or old products that you no longer use. 

You should throw these items away or give them away because they are unnecessary.

However, there are certain things that need to be considered before you start throwing them away. Always check cosmetic and hair product expiry dates and their price. If they are half-used, not expired, and cost a lot then you should not throw them away. 

Another area is your medicine cabinet, you should check for any unused painkillers or first aid and keep it for packing. Remember that you never know when first aid and pain killers can come in handy. 

Old towels should be used to provide extra protection in the plastic moving bins. 

Step 3: How to Pack Bathroom Items for Moving

Once you have sorted and purged the items in your bathroom. You can start gathering the essential packing supplies. You should have on hand – plastic wrap, soft packing paper, and any other packing materials you might need.

You will also need to get plastic containers such as Bin its plastic moving bins to pack your belongings in categories. These moving bins are great for packing your belongings with proper protection. Also, make sure that you still have access to essential toiletries during the packing process.

1. How to Pack a Bathroom Bag

Using a bathroom bag can be a great way to pack your essential items. You can pack a bathroom bag for each family member. It should include a toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap. 

It should also have toilet paper, bath towels, a hairbrush, a bottle of shampoo, and shaving accessories. This way they can have quick access to these items for use in the bathroom.

You can also pack a bathroom bag for cosmetics and personal care items. This can include aftershave lotions, eye shadow, eyeliners, eye-care products, lip balms, lipsticks with lip glosses.

2. How to Pack Liquids for Moving

Plastic bottles and glass containers that have spillable liquids should be packed with utmost care. You can use plastic wrap and packing paper to cover them. The most important area is the bottle openings, these should be taped or wrapped to prevent them from opening. 

You can also use leak-proof containers that have a tighter seal to prevent the spilling of liquids.

When packing liquids e.g expensive perfumes, use packing paper to provide additional protection inside the moving bin. Fragile containers and other sensitive products should be labeled fragile so the handlers take care while handling them. 

3. How to Pack Fragile Bathroom Items

Fragile items such as the bathroom mirror need to be packed with a layer of protection such as bubble wrap and paper cuttings. You should use custom-cut pieces of cardboard to provide a support base to the mirror. You can tape the mirror to it. Now use a box that can house the entire mirror inside it. 

Fragile items are vulnerable to breaking while moving so you should label them as “FRAGILE”. You should also keep them on top of heavier items not beneath them. 

One of the packing tips for these types of items is to keep them between soft items such as shower curtains and bathroom mats.

4. How to Pack Toiletries for Moving

You can pack toiletries such as paper products, paper towels, bath bombs in the moving bins from Bin it. Follow the same procedure, in which you will cover them with packing paper and plastic wrap. Pay special attention to bottles of quality toiletries by adding crumpled paper in their packing boxes because you do not want them to break while moving. 

One recommendation is that you should throw away the previous toilet brushes because they are used so it would be a hassle to pack them. And you should buy new ones.

Plastic Moving Bins For Your Bathroom

This guide will surely make it easy for you to keep your bathroom functional in the last couple of days before you move. This bathroom-packing process has bonus bathroom packing tips so it will leave no stone unturned.

If you are planning to move, and have a bathroom to pack, then consider buying or renting plastic moving bins and other moving supplies from companies like Bin it. Or hire professional movers. Having the right moving supplies or trained professionals can make for a hassle-free and safe move to your next dream home!