How To Pack Shoes for Moving Like a Boss

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Packing and moving to a new house can be an exhausting and dreadful task. Lack of planning, lack of extra hands, or time constraints can lead to frustration and helplessness. Many times, we reach a point where we are just throwing things in boxes and hoping that nothing gets damaged during the move. One particular item from our wardrobe that suffers the most abuse during the move is our shoes. 

We make the mistake of thinking that shoes are sturdy and would do just fine even if we toss them in the very bottom of the box. Not only does it make it difficult to unpack after the move, but it also puts them at the risk of physical damage. 

Yes, your shoes can be damaged even though you are relocating locally or long-distance. Fortunately, ensuring that all your valuables, especially your shoes, reach their destination safe and sound is an easy process. All you have to do is pack them the right way and follow the right procedure. Follow a few hacks and you are good to go. The next time you take your shoes out in your new house, your speckless stilettos and wrinkle-free leather boots will make your heart soar.

Here’s how you can pack your shoes and move like an absolute boss: 

  • Decide What to Pack and What to Throw

One of the best things about moving is that it gives you a chance to do what you have been delaying for years – throwing out stuff you don’t need! 

Let your new house be a place of new beginnings with no room for old, scuffed up, and damaged shoes. We understand that it’s a difficult decision to pick out pairs you do not need anymore, so here are a few questions to answer that will help you declutter:

  • Will you be able to fix the shoes that are damaged? If not, leave them.
  • Do you own a perfectly good pair that you never wear? Donate them if it’s a yes.
  • Do you have a pair of shoes that don’t fit you anymore? 
  • Are there shoes that you just don’t like even though they are in perfect condition? If yes, donate them. 
  • Separate the Shoes by a Certain Category

If you are a big collector of shoes, then this little hack will help you pack and unpack. Sort your shoes in a category that is specific to you. You can separate them by their colors, their usage, their type, or even their material. Later, when packing, you can easily label boxes based on the category you separated them from. Moreover, this step will also help you make sure that all the fragile and formal shoes are packed with extra care, whereas casual pairs such as flip-flops wouldn’t need all that much care.

  • Choose The Correct Packing Material for Your Shoes

When packing shoes, our first instinct is to grab the paper closest to us so we can use it for stuffing or wrapping. Using newspaper, gift paper, or colored tissue paper is common, but it is a mistake. Wrong packing material can bleed color on your fragile and expensive shoes. These pigments are hard to remove, and if they end up on your white leather shoes, you might as well give up all hope of recovering them. You can use clear paper to pack your shoes, or better yet, you can use your old socks to stuff inside your shoes during the move.  

  • Use Tea Bags to Keep Shoes Fresh

You’d hate to have all your shoes smelling horrible in your new home. To make sure your shoes remain odor-free during the move, take them out of the closet beforehand and air them out. If your schedule and the new location would force your belongings to stay packed for a long time, you can place unused tea bags in them. This trick works every single time, and you can try it too. This trick will come in handy when you smell your running shoes. 

  • Pack Your Expensive Shoes in Their Original Boxes

Nice and expensive shoes always come in nicer boxes. We highly suggest using those original boxes to pack them during the move. You can then place these boxes in the biggest box in which you are packing all your shoes for the move. This will give them double protection and will keep your Louboutins and Jimmy Choos scratch-free. Even after the move unpacking them and separating them will be super easy. If you don’t wish to destroy the original boxes as well, pad them. One of the smartest ways to pack your shoes during the move is to pack each one of them in their respective boxes and then place them in the big box used for moving. 

  • Use Bubble Wrap Instead of Plastic Bags

In some cases, you might have to pack your shoes in plastic. In that case, skip the plastic bags and trust the bubble wraps with your shoes. Bubble wraps don’t rip during the move and also provide studier protection. Make sure to wrap all the studded pairs and pairs with heels in bubble wrap. Heels can rub against the surface of other shoes and damage them. Buckles and stones are also at risk of falling out during the move. Dry out your shoes well before wrapping them securely in bubble wrap and you are good to go. 

  • Pack Heavy Shoes on The Bottom

As a general rule of packing, always remember that heavier items go at the bottom. The same stands true when packing shoes, and you must remember to place your bulkiest pairs at the bottom of the box. The rule applies even when you are using a laundry basket or a plastic box to move your items. This trick evens out the weight of the box, and prevents the heavier items from pressing down and damaging more delicate pairs beneath them. 

If you’d rather have a professional worry about packing your shoes, then we suggest letting them do their job. Allow them to organize your boxes during the loading and unloading process. They are pro and know how to handle fragile items the right way. 

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