How to pack Hangers & Clothes for your next move

Moving Prep

Preparing to move an entire closet with a bundle of clothes on hangers, fragile items, seasonal clothing, and packing shoes? We’re here to help. Choosing the right packing method, packing materials, and choosing between plastic hangers or wire hangers can be a challenge. Especially when you have fragile items inside portable closets and you can’t decide which packing materials or cardboard boxes can transport the delicate items and the bundle of clothes safely.  

Choosing the right packing box, packing materials, and the right kind of packing tape for the storage process will ensure that all of the items reach their destination safely. It is important not to put the fragile items with the bundle of clothes or the clothes on hangers if you want the delicate items to reach the destination in one piece. In this article, we will show you how you can wrap your entire closet including seasonal clothing without damaged hangers or your wardrobe boxes turning into garbage by the time they reach the destination. Let’s look at the different hacks to safely pack clothes on hangers in cardboard boxes.

Properly Packing Clothing On Hangers For Miles & More

A Wardrobe Box With Built-In Metal Padded Hangers, 

There is always a possibility that wire hangers will deform or plastic hangers might break during the journey. Take out all of your best clothes from your closet and pack them in a wardrobe box. The clothes on hangers will go directly into the cardboard boxes, with built-in metal clothes hangers, which can be used as a packing box, for designer clothing, without even ruining the ironing. The corrugated wardrobe box is usually two feet wide and three feet in length with a built-in metal hanger so that the clothes on hangers don’t wrinkle and remain unscathed from the outside elements.

Using Garbage Bags For Non-Hanging Clothes

Wooden hangers are some of the toughest clothes hangers in the market. But the problem with packing clothes in wooden hangers or even plastic hangers is that they take up valuable space that could be used for something else. Take all the clothes from the hanger hooks and all the non-hanging clothes and pack them in 30-gallon garbage bags with the packing tape or cable ties that come with the garbage bags. Some people might ask why not use larger bags to fit the clothes from all of the hanger hooks in a bigger bag.

The answer is that it will be easier to accommodate several different smaller bags for the moving company or in your car based on the packing method of your choice. Larger bags will take up more valuable space that may or may not be easily available in the moving vehicle. The larger bags can also bump and tumble into other things potentially causing damages to the other items. These bags are fairly cheap in comparison to some of the other bags that can be used for packing purposes. 

Packing Clothes In Vacuum Seal Bags

Another option is to use vacuum seal bags for all of the non-hanging clothes in your wardrobe. Cardboard boxes and the wardrobe box are both not air-tight or water-sealed like vacuum-sealed bags. This means that you can put t-shirts, undergarments, workout clothes, boxers, and jeans inside these vacuum seal bags to prevent any dust, dirt, bugs, mildew, or moisture from coming into contact with or damaging your intimate clothing on the journey. These bags are a bit more expensive in comparison to the other bags mentioned in this list but they are well worth the extra expense because they can be sealed tightly. 

Packing Clothes In Suitcases

The recommended way to pack clothes for a long journey is to use suitcases because they are designed to securely hold all of your belongings. Neatly fold all of your clothes before placing them in the suitcase to make sure that you have minimal work to do to use these clothes after you get to your destination. You can use the little bags on the sides of the suitcase to store ties, women’s undergarments, cufflinks, and other accessories. 

You can put securely sealed liquids in the suitcase but it is advisable to use packing tape on the seals of the bottles or containers for double protection. Metal detectors can easily see through a suitcase so it is advisable not to put valuable jewelry inside a suitcase. Always use a secure handbag for carrying your valuable personal items and expensive jewelry. 

Things To Do Before The Moving Day

Washing Or Dry-Cleaning Clothes Before Packing

Some clothes will be hung separately while other clothes will be put in some kind of bag with other garments. Since all of these clothes will in one way or the other come into contact with other clothes, it is always a good idea to wash them before packing. Packing dirty clothes together with clean clothes will make your job even more difficult when you are looking for clean clothes after you reach your destination. The clean clothes will get dirty on the way and they will also stink and may need to be replaced completely by the time you get to your journey’s end.  

Make sure you wash and dry out all of the clothes before packing them. Packing moist clothes there is a contingency that these clothes can cause mildew to the other garments they come into contact with. Make sure that all of the clothes are clean and dry when you begin to pack them. 

Personally Safeguarding Jewelry & Valuables On The Journey

Pack all kinds of jewelry in a handbag that needs to be locked with a key and keep the key with you at all times. Make sure to individually wrap each piece of jewelry in a plastic bag with the appropriate insulation material before putting the jewelry in the suitcase. There is a possibility that all the different pieces of jewelry can become entangled on the journey. This is why insulation and separate bags are needed for each piece of jewelry.