How To Move A Grandfather Clock In 10 Simple Steps

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Grandfather clocks are distinguished by their classical and medieval facade. These clocks are a symbol of family legacy and were often passed on from one generation to the next. They are cherished possessions of their owner because they are a timeless heritage. 

Moving them can be challenging but it is still possible if you are equipped with the right tools and manpower. A grandfather clock is fragile and vulnerable to damage if not taken care of. So taking precautions is key to having it moved safely.

Therefore, when moving these relics of the past it is recommended to disassemble them first and then carefully package them. The disassembly of a grandfather clock is a formidable task since it has many components to take care of. Each stand-alone clock incorporates a pendulum, clock face, and various weights, additionally a set of cords or chains to swing the weights inside of the clock structure.

Below you can find the step-by-step guide of disassembling the clock the right way and moving it to your new home.

How To Move A Grandfather Clock?

Gather All The Tools And Supplies

Start the process by collecting all the tools and supplies. To get your grandfather clock transported safely to its new destination, use a pair of gloves or a clean piece of cloth for dismantling the parts. Buy packing blankets, cushioning, and bubble packs to wrap the components both internally and externally of the Grandfather clock. Additional equipment can include a hand truck which can be sourced from a home depot. Lastly, you need to get moving boxes for the Grandfather clock’s part and its external structure. You can buy moving boxes according to the size of clock parts, and the size of the external structure of the clock.

Rent A Transportation Truck

The Grandfather Clock’s are large objects and they are not something you can transport in the trunk or backseat of your car. You must rent a transportation truck to move it to your new home. But you do not need to worry about renting a large moving truck because Grandfather clocks can fit inside a smaller truck. 

Ask For Help From Friends and Family

You should ask for help from your friends and family in advance. Grandfather clocks are heavy and weigh around 50-100 kilograms. It is not impossible to lift such weights but then the chances of damaging the Grandfather clock would increase.

Help from another person will not only make it easier for you to move it around but also speed up the process of dismantling the delicate parts of the Grandfather clock.

Friends and family will also be great company when packing up your belongings, just make sure they feel appreciated for their efforts.

Get Acquainted With Your Grandfather Clock

You can find out about your Grandfather clock’s specification by searching its manufacturer online. Online guides will help you dismantle it and provide a detailed outline of its components. But it is possible that no record exists, in such case you do not need to worry because all Grandfather clocks function similarly. They have a swinging pendulum that rocks back and forth, a set of hanging weights at the back of it. The supporting cables function as pulleys. The external structure has a glass side casing and a glass front panel. 

Detach The Glass Casing/Glass Panel

Grandfather clocks need to be dismantled before you can move them. It is not recommended to move them fully intact because by the time they will reach your new home they will get damaged both from inside and outside.

Start by detaching the side glass casing, you can use a pair of gloves to avoid staining the glass and to have a better grip on the glass. Then proceed to wrap the glass casing with the bubble wrap and try to make it as padded as possible to eliminate the chance of breakage. You can then move on to removing the front glass panel and repeat the same procedure of wrapping it with the bubble wrap. After wrapping them, pack them in a moving box and label them fragile with a marker. 

Use Cable Ties To Secure The Chains And Cables

Once you are done with packing the glass panels you can proceed to coil up the weights inside the clock. Make sure the weight reaches the top of the structure with the chains and cables protruding out. You can fasten the cables using cable ties. This way the cables and chains will not tangle into each other when you remove the weights.

Detach the Weights

With the cables and chains fastened you can go ahead and start detaching the weights attached to them. Use bubble wrap to wrap these weights or a packing sleeve to keep them from getting dents while moving. Also, make sure to label them with the position they were attached to inside the clock. You can take a picture so you can identify the placement in the future while setting up the clock again.

Detach The Pendulum

Moving forward, now you can remove the pendulum from its swing hook. The hook is situated in the pendulum guide at the top. The opening is quite narrow so you should be very careful and work with a light hand. After detaching the pendulum, wrap it in packing sleeves or bubble wrap and pack it in a moving box. You can also fill the box with cushioning to protect the pendulum. 

Detach The Top

Some Grandfather clock’s come with a detachable top, so you can pack them separately. If your clock has a detachable top then you can wrap it with packing paper and bubble wrap. After wrapping it, promote it into a moving box with soft padding. Seal of the box using packing tape.

Moving The Grandfather Clock To The Truck

Finally, you can proceed to pack the external structure of the Grandfather clock. You can use packing paper or packing blankets. To eliminate all concerns of damage you can pack the clock inside a large moving box. You can also move the clock inside a moving crate. Regardless, both of these will protect the clock from all four sides.

Once packed you can slide the Grandfather clock onto the hand truck while tilting it backward. When you start moving, one person should hold the Grandfather clock from behind and the one moving the hand truck should hold the Grandfather clock from the front. When you reach the truck carefully go up on the ramp. Lastly, when placing it inside the truck make sure to fasten it with the safety harnesses.

Or You Can Hire Professional Movers

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