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Before we begin, we must first discuss if tipping movers is necessary or not? Whether it has become a custom in our society? And whether we should abandon this practice or embrace it?

Do You Need To Tip Movers?

We all know that moving is a physically demanding job. Professional movers have to lift heavy items all day in and out of buildings and into and from the vehicles. Therefore, a tip will be a pleasant way to say thank you and show appreciation for the hard work they have done. 

Additionally, movers are providing you a service so they are a part of the service industry which means that their base pay is often close to minimum wage. This is because both the company and the movers know that customers are likely going to tip them which is what they rely on to make ends meet. 

You can also check the tipping policy of your moving company to figure out what they pay to their movers.

So unless the movers have provided you with terrible service, it will be a nice gesture to give the movers a tip. You might think that you are already paying the moving company for the service but paying a small tip will show gratitude from your side and make their day. 

But how do you decide how much to tip your movers? I mean moving is expensive enough so you are not going to be tipping anything outrageous but at the same time, you don’t want to be insulting either. 

To make life easier, we have compiled a breakdown of how to come up with the right tip amount for your movers.

How Much Should You Tip Movers? Things To Consider When Choosing Your Tip For Movers

Deciding on a tip amount can be confusing especially when you have no prior experience of dealing with movers. Knowing and remembering the proper amounts to tip every individual who serves you is quite the task. You might be thinking whether you tip each individual separately or you should give the tip to the supervisor?

The recommended way is to tip the movers individually. This way you will be 100% sure that each mover got the tip they actually deserved and also there is no chance of the supervisor forgetting to share the tips.

You can buy some envelopes and thank you cards. When the movers are done with their job you can keep their cash tips inside the envelope and include the cards to thank them for their outstanding service.

Still, you might be clueless about what things to consider when deciding how much to tip?

How Much To Tip Long-Distance Movers?

It can be difficult to determine the right amount to tip to your movers. You might feel tense and anxious about the total cost of your relocation to the new place. 

$4000 is the average cost for a long-distance moving service, you might think that this figure can help you to decide the amount you should be paying in tips to the movers. But you will come to realize that paying through the percentage will not be financially feasible. The 15-20% of a $4000 bill is around $600-$800 and most people won’t be able to afford this.

The recommended way of tipping for long-distance movers is to use the same formula as that used in tipping local area movers. You can tip each mover $4-$5 per hour or you can also pay $40 per day if the move is a day long. 

This model will allow you to pay a tip that is reasonable and your budget isn’t disturbed, while your movers return to their homes happy and appreciated. 

How Much To Tip Local Movers

The above-mentioned rule is the general tipping rule and whether you are having a residential move or an office move you can follow it. 

A $40 per day is the most reasonable tip that you can offer to each individual mover if they provide a service up to your level of satisfaction. 

Or it is possible that your move was only a couple of hours long, in that case, you can pay each mover $4 per hour. This tip will be more than sufficient. 

Otherwise, if you want to give a higher tip due to good quality of service, then you can definitely tip above the recommended amounts. Keep in mind that a tip over $7 is a very generous sum and it will be highly appreciated by your moving crew. 

When Should You Tip Your Movers?

The best time to tip your movers is once they are done with your moving. But it is also fine if you want to tell your hardworking movers that you intend to tip them for their extra effort even before the job is done. This might even motivate them to get the job done more quickly and efficiently.

Remember you can appreciate them for their packing services, the amount of care they showed in handling fragile items. Handling items with care is an important aspect of a mover’s job, if they relocate your things without any damage you should definitely give them a cash gratuity. 

The recommended way to give tips is to give each residential mover separately after the relocation. This will allow you to avoid confusion when deciding how much tip each mover should be getting and allow you to be 100% sure that there is no chance of a particular mover taking a higher cut.  

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Hence, we come to the conclusion that you should pay tips to the moving crew out of courtesy. This will let them know that your relocation experience with them was amazing. 

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