How Much Do You Tip Movers – Our 2021 Guide

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Moving companies started as professional relocation services during the California Gold Rush.  They used horse-drawn wagons for long-distance moves.

Nowadays, moving companies provide more complex moving services with great sophistication, quality, and efficiency.

If you have ever had the experience of hiring a professional moving company then you might have thought about tipping the movers. Tipping movers can be a tricky business and depends upon the level of service provided.

Do you have to tip movers?

It is not necessary to tip your movers and they do not expect you to do so. However, tipping is a nice gesture and shows that you appreciate the exemplary service provided by the movers. 

However, moving companies charge a hefty amount for their service, and tipping movers might seem extravagant. But remember movers have to put in the extra effort while lifting heavy objects and tipping can make them feel appreciated for their hard work. 

How much do you tip movers?

The amount of tip you pay to the professional movers should be according to the difficulty of the move and their job performance. You must keep in mind the complexity of the move, objects and items being moved, and their quantity. Take into account the distance involved in moving the stuff from its place to the truck and vice versa. 

For example, if the job involves moving heavy furniture, fragile items down flights of stairs then you should consider adding to the tip amount. 

The rule of thumb is to provide tips for each hour of work instead of the standard practice of tipping on a percentage basis. The total cost paid by you to your service provider is quite huge and tipping on a percentage basis can cost you a lot. $4-5 per individual mover for every hour of work is recommended. 

  • For <4 hours of work or half-day moves = $20 for each individual
  • For >4 hours of work or full day moves = $40 for each individual
  • For 12 or more hours = $50-$60 for each individual

When you should tip movers

Little acts of appreciation can make people feel recognized for their efforts and make them want to do even better. You should tip movers when you see that they are showing a professional attitude in their dealings and handling your belongings with care. 

You can tip them for gentle handling of antique items and shifting to the truck. For doing the job swiftly without delays and mishaps. For being cordial and warm to you and your family. And additional points for helping you assemble and set up your furniture.

When you don’t have to tip movers

As mentioned above, providing tips is not necessary, it is given to make the worker feel recognized and appreciated for a good job. However, if they provide you a subpar service then you should reconsider tipping them. 

For example, you do not have to tip them if they do not arrive on time. They are unfriendly/ rude or unapproachable when you ask them about a certain thing. Do not handle delicate items with care and ignore instructions. Damage furniture or interior of the house while moving.

At the end of the day, the decision to tip depends on you. If you are satisfied with the service provided by the movers then you should give a tip. Their attitude towards mishaps and accidents can also help you determine if you should tip at a reduced rate or not at all. 

How much should you tip long-distance movers?

Long-distance move on average costs $4000-5000. With these costs, it is recommended that you should not tip on a percentage basis. Long-distance movers or residential movers should be tipped on an hourly basis on the criteria that is mentioned above in the article.

Distance moves have two different sets of movers involved so you should tip them separately. Only the truck driver will be the same at your new home since another group of movers will accommodate you there. 

Make sure to leave a review for your movers

With most businesses having some form of an online presence you should definitely leave your feedback on the quality of service provided. If your relocation experience with the distance movers was tip-worthy then you should also write a positive review for them online. This way the movers will get more business and will appreciate you for this.

Frequently asked questions

What Payment Method Should I Use To Tip Them?

The form of payment depends on your convenience, you can either give cash tips or go for other methods such as online transfers. Cash tips are recommended because getting the details of each worker for an online transfer can be daunting.

Should I Tip Piano Movers?

Yes! You can tip them just like residential movers and increase the tip if they provide an extremely professional job. 

Is it okay not to tip movers?

It is at your discretion because you are going to be present there while the movers do their job. You can make them feel appreciated for providing top-quality service.

However, you can skip tipping if the movers displayed disinterest in the job and demonstrated reckless behavior when handling items.

Should I check the tipping policy of the moving company?

Yes! You should check the tipping policy of the moving company you have taken service of. Some companies discourage it because they are already paying the employees handsome wages.

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