Best Way To Pack Wine Glasses A Move

Moving Prep

If you are planning to move in the upcoming days, you will most probably be gathering packing supplies such as boxes and packing paper. It will be your top priority to figure out how to pack everything so that it is moved to your new home in one piece.

In this guide, we will be helping you with one of the most delicate and fragile items to pack: wine glasses. Wine glasses are extremely difficult to pack because of their unconventional shape. Most people pack them incorrectly and their delicate glass and long stems get broken in the moving process.

It is a tragedy to see homeowners using plastic cups after a move because their wine glasses met with an accident during the moving process. Therefore, to avoid such a situation and to enjoy your drinks elegantly you can follow this step-by-step guide on how to properly pack wine glasses to keep them safe and secure during the move and use them after the move.

Choosing The Right Box

Choosing the right box for your wine glasses is the first step. Using a strong sturdy and rigid box can keep your wine glasses from getting crushed. You must keep in mind that the box should be big enough to not only hold the glasses but the protective cushioning as well. 

A dish pack box can be the right choice for packing wine glasses because it has double walls for extra protection and compartments to keep your glasses from getting scuffed.

However, it is not necessary to get the dish pack boxes. You can also use the widely popular plastic moving bins. Plastic moving bins are designed to accommodate many types of items including wine glasses and have a spined structure that does not crumble under heavyweights

Buying The Right Moving Supplies

Once you have decided on the type of box you are going to use for packing your wine glasses, you can move on to gathering other supplies. You will need packing paper and cardboard inserts. 

However, we will recommend you to get plain recycled paper not newspaper because newspaper spots the stemware with ink marks. 

And for some reason you are not able to get these inserts, we will teach you how to pack your wine glasses without them.

Wrapping The Glasses

After getting all the necessary supplies you can finally begin to pack your wine glasses. Start by placing a single wine glass on the packing paper horizontally. You can start wrapping the glass by grabbing one corner of the paper and rolling it over the glass.

Remember to tuck the paper inside, just like you would do in a wrap. Continue rolling the glass on the paper until you reach the end of the paper. 

Now you can take the wrapped glass, place it on another wrapping paper and roll it again. You can do this as many times as you want but the rule of thumb is to do this according to the thickness of the glass. Once you are sure that the glass is properly cushioned and secured you can stop wrapping it. Do this with each glass of wine and label each one of them so you remember that they need to be carried gently.

Padding And Cushioning The Box

Before you can go ahead and start packing the wrapped wine glasses in the box you must pad and cushion the box. You can use packing paper to make a layer of soft cushion at the bottom of the box. 

If you plan on using cardboard inserts to make compartments and separate the wine glasses, start by positioning one layer of inserts on the top of the packing paper. Put one wrapped glass into each cardboard insert. 

If you do not have cardboard inserts, place the wrapped glasses vertically in one layer in the box. Keep them in an upright position not lying flat because wine glasses are less likely to break when kept vertically.

Making Layers

After you are done with stacking the first layer of wine glasses, add packing on top and place more inserts or wrapped glasses vertically. Repeat this procedure until the box/plastic moving bin is full.

Filling The Empty Spaces

Once the box is completely stacked with wine glasses, you will see that there are empty spaces around the edges and in between the glasses. 

You can use crumpled packing paper to fill these empty spaces. The layer of crumpled paper will add extra cushion and security for the glasses.

Packing Up The Box

You can now move on to closing the lid of the box and taping it. Make Sure that you tape it correctly and label the box as “FRAGILE”. You should also mark the upright position of the box to make sure that the glasses are in a vertical position all the time. Labeling will make it easier for the moving company to handle this wine glass box gently. 

You can also write the name of the room you want the box to keep in your new home, this way the box will not end up somewhere else in the house.

Why Choose Plastic Moving Bins?

Cardboard boxes and dish pack boxes tend to bulge and flex when they are packed with heavy items. Therefore, we recommend you use plastic moving bins for packing your wine glasses. 

Plastic moving bins are specially designed to withstand high stresses and weights. They are waterproof unlike cardboard boxes and dish packs that can get wet and break. 

Moreover, plastic moving bins are rentable, you can find them at affordable rates at Bin It. Bin It will provide these plastic moving bins at your doorsteps and collect them from your new place once you have completed the move. 

The moving bins can also be labeled so you can easily locate your items once you are at your new home. You can follow the same procedure of packing with the plastic moving bins when securing the wine glasses.

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