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Why Should I Use a Mattress Bag for Moving?

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Moving to a new place is a long strenuous task and it requires you to consider everything. The whole scenario can overwhelm you, making you overlook things that need extra care when moving. 

Your mattress is one such item that needs extra care when being moved. This might seem unconventional to you but keep in mind that the spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses are extremely delicate, so they can get damaged during the moving process. Making it necessary to use a protective mattress bag to cover them and provide protection. 

If you transport your mattress without a mattress bag it will most likely become dirty and get deformed. You might try to get it deep cleaned but you will not be able to restore the elasticity of its springs. Making it uncomfortable to sleep on and leading to sleeping problems. 

Remember your mattress is one of your most valuable possessions. Most good-quality mattresses cost more than the bed frame. Therefore, it is important to cover your mattress in a mattress bag. Down below is a guide about how you can use mattress bags and where you can find them.

Reasons You Should Buy A Mattress bag?

A plastic mattress bag cover can provide your mattress with much-needed protection and shelter when moving. Most of the time when you are moving to a new place you can expect your belongings to remain unmoved for a couple of days. 

During this time your belongings such as your mattress can be exposed to environmental elements, accumulate dust and dirt, or worse get infested with bugs. A plastic mattress bag will keep it protected from all of these things.

The most common source of bed bugs is the moving trucks and storage units. You should also check if the place you are moving to does not have pests infestation because they can infest your furniture and household items within a matter of days.

Moreover, if you discover the pests after moving to that place, a mattress bag will allow you to keep your mattress protected from them until you can fumigate.

Water damage is also a common reason for mattress damage while moving. During transit, your mattress can get wet due to rain, snow, or sleet. And you will not find out about it until you have it out to lay on your bed. A wet mattress might get infested with mold or its springs might get rusted.

A mattress bag can prevent all of these situations, it will not keep your mattress clean but protect it from bugs and water. It will also ensure that your mattress’s springs remain in working condition.

What Are Mattress Bag Covers?

Mattress bag covers are plastic covers for your mattress. They are strong and heavy-duty and take hits and abrasions from other objects that get tossed around during a move. They come in multiple sizes including twin, king, queen, and full sizes.

They will keep your mattress protected from dust, dirt, light, and water exposure. They will also keep out bugs and pests so you will have peace of mind when storing your mattress in a storage area. However, remember to choose a product that has a thick, waterproof material and proper closing feature. It should also be from a trustworthy and well-reviewed brand.

How To Pack And Move A Mattress?

Mattresses are pliable and heavy objects. Moving them around can be difficult. They can topple over and take hits, this can damage their internal structure and components such as the springs. Therefore, it is important to move them with great care.

Getting Packing Supplies

The first thing you should do is to get a mattress bag. Also remember to get other essentials such as packing tape, packing paper, and packing sleeves to pack other components of your bed.

When buying a mattress bag, look for one that is waterproof, durable, and well-reviewed.

Finding A Packing Buddy

Packing your household items for a move can quickly become tiring especially when you are doing them alone. Ask a friend or family member to help you in your packing process. 

Finding someone willing to help you in packing, will make it easier for you to move your mattress because these are heavy and you cannot see behind the mattress when it is in an upright position.

Remove And Pack All Bedding

Now you can move on to disassembling your bed. The first thing you will need to do is to remove the bedding. Then you should pack the bedding items in boxes and remove them from the room to make space for your mattress.

Gently Wipe The Bed With A Damp And Clean Cloth

Before you can pack your mattress inside the mattress bag, you should give it a gentle wipe. This will help remove any dust or lint that has accumulated. However, remember to let it dry after wiping from the damp cloth or you will end up with mildew. 

Then you can move on to slipping it inside the mattress bag. Make sure to completely seal the bag. To be on the safe you can also tape the openings of your bag.

Carefully Move The Mattress In Upright Position

When moving the mattress in an upright position try to be extra careful. If your current place has tight doorways, steep stairs, and narrow pathways, you will need to be careful so that you do not trip over. Try to avoid hitting the mattress on ceilings or walls because it can damage its springs.

Load The Mattress In Upright Position

Remember to load the mattress in the truck in an upright position so it is not crushed by other objects such as furniture items and heavy moving boxes. Having it loaded in an upright position will also save space inside the truck.  Secure it with safety harnesses. 

Store Mattress In Flat Position

If you plan to store your mattress for a considerable amount of time in a storage unit or garage, we will recommend you lay it flat. This will keep the internal structure of your mattress from getting deformed. Because in an upright position your mattress’s internal part will get damaged.

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