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Where To Buy Moving Boxes?

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Where To Buy Moving Boxes

It can be especially exciting to move to a new place and start a new life! But getting all those cardboard boxes packed and labeled so that you don’t have trouble finding all of your things in your brand new place can be challenging. If that’s not all, making sure you have everything packed on time and ready to move adds to the stress and drama of moving. 

It isn’t always easy to find the right packing material and moving boxes for all your valuables. Not all boxes are the same and some can prove to be a lot more effective than others for your packing needs. 

This is why we have put together a list of places where you can find moving boxes of all types at affordable prices that can help make the moving and packing process a lot more manageable and much safer for all involved. 

Where To Buy Moving Boxes?

The suppliers on this list can deliver moving boxes right to your doorstep. Some even offer the option to rent rather than buy. Finding the right moving boxes to conveniently and safely pack your belongings for the big move is now easier than ever. 

Bin It

where to buy moving boxes

Bin It is the only one on this list that offers Plastic Moving Bins for the convenience of moving your belongings. Any box you use for transporting your valuables needs to be strong enough to hold your heavy valuables. It also needs to be durable enough to withstand the weight of other boxes, especially, if they are to be stacked one on top of the other. 

Choosing plastic boxes versus cardboard boxes becomes much easier when you consider that plastic is much stronger than cardboard. 

Bin It offers a one-stop-shop for all your moving and packaging needs. Apart from plastic boxes it also offers affordable cardboard boxes to pack things like your TV and kitchen utensils. Bin It also offers sofa and mattress covers made out of plastic to protect your bedding and furniture from moisture during the move. 

Used Cardboard Boxes

Used cardboard boxes have some of the best-priced cardboard boxes out there because, well, they are all slightly used. They have cardboard boxes of all different sizes and purposes for almost all of your packing needs. Cardboard boxes are available for moving TVs, mattresses, mirrors, and even special boxes are available for those beautiful floor lamps. Even the moving box to store kitchen utensils is a heavy-duty cardboard box that is 28 inches tall. 

According to their guarantee, their boxes may be slightly used but they claim that the boxes are just as good as new. If you think any of the boxes are unusable you can contact them about your concerns and according to customer reviews, they are pretty good when it comes to resolving issues. 

There are various different items you can purchase from here to help you safely pack all of your belongings like bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape dispensers. Make sure to be careful how you use the lifting straps when carrying heavy loads. 

Plastic Moving Bin Pricing in New York City


Walmart has a diverse assortment of cardboard boxes of all different prices and qualities. All of the boxes on this website are completely new but they might be a little expensive in comparison to some of the other websites on this list. They have a 30% genuinely reinforced cardboard box for all of your kitchen utensils. You can make savings if you purchase the boxes in bulk on this website. 

There are a number of other packing accessories that you can purchase from here such as bubble wrap, tape dispensers, and packing paper. All of these accessories are much more competitively priced here. Some of the heavy-duty boxes have a 30-day return policy on them just in case something goes wrong. Here you can find cardboard boxes for kitchen plates including foam pouches and dividers. 

Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes

Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes offer all of their clients an interesting low price guarantee also known as their “we are the cheapest guarantee”. The best part is that their low price guarantee applies to all of the 48 states within the United States. They claim that they have the cheapest prices of the same size of cardboard boxes that they provide. One of the most advantageous features of this website is that all orders above a certain amount are always delivered completely free of charge. 

This website lets you track your shipment once you have placed your order so that you are completely aware of its location and arrival. The company reiterates that all of their cardboard boxes are always completely brand new despite all of their boxes having the cheapest prices. The cardboard box for kitchen supplies is genuinely cheaper than the other suppliers on this list. So much so that you can purchase bubble wrap with it and it will still be cheaper together. 


Lowe’s has designed their website so that you can easily find the exact cardboard box you need for a specific purpose. You can select to view boxes based on size, price, brand, material, depth, and features. One of the most significant features of this website is that you can even filter items according to their rating. The higher the rating the more dependable a product automatically becomes. 

Here you can find large sheets of bubble wrap, that come in especially handy if you are packing for a long-distance move. There are a number of other items that you can find on this website that are not available on the other websites on this list. For example, some of the brands of multi-use duct tape are very reasonably priced here. The best part about this website is that there are so many products and prices to choose from, that there is always something for everyone. 

Expert Recommendation

It is always advisable to prepare a schedule to move before haphazardly grabbing supplies to start packing. Assign a specific time to pack items, label them, and organize everything else that isn’t going to be packed. Make sure you have sufficient time for all of these activities individually. Do not try to do two things at once because that can complicate matters much worse when you get to your new destination. 

After you are done packing make sure you have set apart time exclusively to make sure that everything is packed securely. Spending a little extra time packing before setting out will make it all the easier for you to unpack when you reach your destination. 

Bin It offers all types of moving box solutions and is the go-to place for all your moving and packaging needs. Check out their awesome sale offers today!