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Where Can I Buy Wardrobe Moving Boxes?

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Where Can I Buy Wardrobe Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are probably the most important item that you’ll be using when it comes to the entire moving process. In a nutshell, you can’t just use any boxes that you and your friends and family have lying around because chances are those boxes aren’t made to withstand the stress of moving an entire house’s worth of items safely across a long distance over different terrains.

Not only that! There are different types of moving boxes for different types of items. For heavy items, you’d have more durable heavy-duty double corrugated boxes, whereas lighter items would require something a bit lighter. Similarly, there are moving boxes that are specifically dedicated to moving your wardrobe.

Read on to learn more about why you should be paying attention to a specific type of moving box when it comes to your wardrobe.

What are Wardrobe Moving Boxes?

Wardrobe boxes are usually taller than your regular moving boxes and have a metal bar running along two sides of the box, allowing you to hang your clothes inside them. Their construction is sturdy enough to allow you to hang a good number of clothes over long distances without you having to worry about the box collapsing. You’ll find that the load capacity of a good quality wardrobe moving box is usually between 80 to 120 pounds. There’s usually 2 to 3 feet of hanging space and you’ll find perforated handles on the side so that carrying and moving is easier.

Wardrobe moving boxes are available in a variety of sizes, usually ranging from 10 cubic feet all the way to 20 cubic feet. As for prices, depending on what size you opt for, you’d be spending anywhere between $8 to $20. This might seem a bit pricey, but you’ll be thankful when you find your entire wardrobe has moved without getting damaged. However, you shouldn’t worry as any reasonable vendor would offer lower prices if you’re buying wardrobe moving boxes in bulk. 

Wardrobe moving boxes might sound like a gimmick and skeptics will say that it’s a ploy for companies to make more money, but you’d be surprised at the statistics. While there’s no denying wardrobe moving boxes are slightly more expensive than regular moving boxes, studies show that they save consumers a significant amount of money when you take into account the number of wardrobe items that get damaged when wardrobe moving boxes aren’t used. Your items are safe not just from a storage point of view, but also when it comes to handling and moving. 

The Best Moving Boxes For Clothing and Coats

Wardrobe boxes are perfect for you if you have a very large wardrobe, especially if it mostly consists of delicate items like wedding dresses, suits, designer clothing, office wear, etc. By keeping them hanging upright, you also save clothing items like suits and jackets from creasing and getting permanently misshapen. These boxes are also designed to be stacked without compromising the structure of any single box, making moving much easier.

You could opt for the vacuum-sealing approach and stuff clothes into your suitcases, but you’ll end up damaging your items by vacuum-sealing them and packing them so tightly together. There’s nothing stopping you from vacuum-sealing and hanging your clothes in a wardrobe moving box if your reason for doing so is hygiene, and at least you wouldn’t be damaging them further by stuffing them inside a suitcase. Also, the shape and size of the boxes almost always guarantee that your mover won’t reject them on the basis of safety and handling standards, saving you money on “special handling fees”.

Where Can I Buy Wardrobe Moving Boxes in NYC?

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In today’s electronic internet age, your best bet is to buy wardrobe moving boxes online. Availability won’t be an issue and you’ll find competition so you’ll have a choice of pricing as well. One of the most impressive online vendors in the city is Bit It. They’ve always got a decently stocked inventory, so availability shouldn’t be an issue, and you find quality items at reasonable prices. They’ve also got good customer service and their delivery times are as impressive as any competitor in the market.

You can also find wardrobe moving boxes in home departmental stores and other retail outlets. However, there are a few issues with that option. First off, with COVID nowadays it’s not the best idea to go to public places and risk yourself and your loved ones for the sake of a few wardrobe moving boxes. Moreover, home departmental stores usually get their items from a single vendor, so you won’t have a lot of choices and you’ll be paying a significant amount more than if you were to buy from an online vendor.

Finally, you can also buy wardrobe moving boxes from the moving company you’re using as well. However, you’ll be paying a lot more than even the retail option, let alone the online one. Moreover, depending on which moving company you opt for, if you agree to use their moving boxes then you could also be waiving off the movers’ liability if you’re agreeing to use their boxes. So if you are going to pay more money, then at least make sure you read the contract properly to make sure there aren’t any waivers if you use the moving company’s boxes. In fact, read the contract thoroughly regardless of where you buy your moving boxes.

Go Online For The Best Options

By far the best option would be to opt for an online vendor and save yourself a great deal of time, money, and effort. You’d be able to pay online, coordinate your entire delivery, and just wait for the boxes to arrive at your doorstep. You’d have a wider variety of options to choose from and could review what you’re buying from the ease and comfort of your own home, ensuring you make the right decision. So make sure to check out Bin it’s NYC Moving Supplies if you’re looking to buy wardrobe moving boxes at reasonable prices.