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What are the Best Stackable Storage Bins with Lids

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What are the Best Stackable Storage Bins with Lids

Storage bins can prove to be very useful in keeping your home tidy and organized. All the clutter that had been lying around, taking up most of the space in your cupboard can now be reduced into the confined space of storage bins.  

However, choosing the right storage bin is a bit of a science. There are a few things that you should know before you go out shopping.

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Stackable Storage Bins with Lids

Compact Size and Shape

Size is a really important factor when it comes to buying a storage bin; it would determine what can be stored in it and where the storage bin can be kept. These bins come in various sizes and dimensions. Some companies would even suggest storage bin sizes based on your organizing needs. So, before you decide the size of the storage bin you want to buy, you should have a clear idea about the items you’ll be storing in it and the space you’d be using to keep these storage bins. 

Another thing to keep in consideration is how often you want to move that storage bin because the larger it gets, the harder it’ll be for you to move it around. Storage bins can be cylindrical, rectangular, or square. In most cases, people go for rectangular or square-shaped storage bins since they take up less space and are easier to stack. So if you’re tight on space, square or rectangular bins will fit snugly into corners.

The Preferred Types of Stackable Storage Bins

There are several types of stackable storage bins that can either become part of your home decor or can be used purely for storage purposes. A few of these types are shelf storage bins, straight-wall containers, clear plastic storage bins, open spaces storage bins, and stack and nest containers. The type of bin you consider should depend on where you want to keep your bin, what items you want to store in it, and how frequently you would need to use those items. The best storage bin that you choose will help you organize your home better. 

Latched Lids

Storage bins with latched lids are always a good idea if the stored items are food items, documents, or any such item that needs to be prevented from contamination. These stackable bins can come with an attached or detached lid. It entirely relies on your preference to choose either one of these. 

The attached lids are an added option for security and tidiness. The lid is attached to the bin with durable hinges that will always stay on and keep the stored item safe. This can also be used to hide the contents in the storage bin from view. Detached lid storage bins, on the other hand, have lids that are separate but fit tightly on the storage bin. If you are hindered by the attached lid, these types of bins can be a more convenient option for you. These will equally help to keep the stored contents clean. Moreover, it’s easier to stack the bins with lids.

With or Without Handles

When you go shopping for a storage bin you will see that not all bins include handles. The ones with handles can without a doubt be handier since you can carry them around with less effort but if you don’t require to relocate your storage bins often and will just keep them stacked in one place, the ones without handles can also turn out to be very useful. So, if you want to cater to your organizing and storage needs, choose accordingly. 

Material and Storage Temperature

Most stackable storage bins are made out of plastic, metal, or wood, and the majority of these commercially available storage bins are manufactured from dark-colored recycled plastic. The choice of material depends on the temperature of the place where you’ll be keeping your storage bins. If the bins are going to be placed outdoors, in the sun, they should be weather-resistant and dark plastic bins are ideal in that case. 

These storage bins are made with high-density polyethylene which is a more temperature-resistant and sturdier plastic than the clear polypropylene containers. Polyethylene storage bins keep heat from penetrating the storage bin, prevent moisture loss, and do not deteriorate in heat. 

Contrarily, storage bins made with polypropylene are not as tough in extremely cold temperatures and are likely to break more easily if dropped as they become brittle in cold temperatures. So, if you live in a colder climate you need to look for heavier-duty bins made with polyethylene. 

Airtight Design


If you’re looking for a storage bin to store human food or pet food, you might want to go for an airtight design to prevent it from getting spoiled. But make sure that you only store food items that take longer to rot, such as chips, cereal, and spices because these sort of storage bins, as airtight as they may be, are not ideal for fresh fruits and vegetables.

The reason why these airtight storage bins help the food items to remain fresh longer is that they prevent the food from becoming contaminated and absorbing moisture. Airtight storage bins also retain the original odor of the food items by not letting them absorb the outside odor. 

Besides food items, the airtight design of these storage bins allows you to store important or sentimental items for as long as you need to without moldering them. The items could include keepsake objects, family heirlooms, or financial documents that you rarely need to access but want to be protected.

Watertight Design

The storage bins having a watertight design will be more durable for you if you want to store items outdoors. These storage bins can be left outside in the rain for weeks and the water will not infiltrate the watertight bin. Even if you lose a latch or two, the seal of the lid will still keep the moisture out. 

What Is The Best Stackable Storage Bin With a Lid?

It is essential that you have the best stackable storage bin with a lid that helps serve value to you according to your storage needs. If you’re moving a whole house and you need a certain number of bins to relocate your stuff, making sure that it stays in the circle of your affordability matters. 

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