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What Are The Best Neighborhoods In NYC For Families?

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What Are The Best Neighborhoods In NYC For Families

Are you thinking of making the move to New York City? Have you wondered what the painstaking process of finding hotels or neighborhoods holds for you? It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the city that never sleeps to roam around and have the time of your life or to settle down with your family. Knowing what this massive city, with over 9 million residents has in store for you is simply a must in order to face the challenges that that entails. 

Whether you’re looking to stay in the many cheap or expensive hotels you came to learn about from various sites on the internet, or you’re looking to rent out a place to settle down in; it’s important that you know more about the neighborhood you’re going to be living in for the duration of your stay. 

So without further ado let’s talk about the various neighborhoods in New York City that are perfect for those who are looking to settle down or are just visiting NYC for its several tourist attractions. 

The 7 Best Neighborhoods In NYC For Families

When figuring out where to stay in the “Big Apple”, there will be a lot of things you’ll need to take into consideration. Things that even Google might not be able to help you with. Luckily for you, you’ve landed on the right article. 

Picking the right place to stay when visiting New York City can be a tough process, but not anymore. Here’s a breakdown of the 7 best neighborhoods to live in for families when visiting or settling down in NYC. Your experience of this concrete marvel can be made infinitely better by choosing to stay in the following neighborhoods: 

West Village 

When you think of the wealthy, celebrity-heavy neighborhoods in New York City, West Village is certainly on the top of that list. This is the neighborhood adorned with several fancy restaurants, boutiques, and beautiful residential homes and apartments. 

The neighborhood is one of the most low-key places out there. When you walk around the streets made out of cobblestone alongside the several sidewalk cafes, you’ll feel like you’ve left the city madness behind and have moved to a quiet suburban neighborhood.

What some might think is boring, is actually part of the charm for West Village. You’ll be in the city, but not really. What makes West Village different from most neighborhoods in New York City is that it’s generally busy during the day, but it quietens down at night making it a comfortable and safe place for families to reside in.


Another elite and exclusive neighborhood to settle down in New York City is Chelsea. Recognized as one of the best neighborhoods to reside in and home to plenty of famous restaurants, cool lounges, and art exhibits; Chelsea has got it all! 

Being an affluent area, it’s exactly like its counterpart all the way over in the United Kingdom. People visiting or living in Chelsea often opt to explore the flea markets and antique shops in the neighborhood. They can also grab some tacos on their walk from the famous Chelsea Market. The neighborhood is happening yet wholesome making it ideal for young families.


Situated in the borough of Brooklyn, Williamsburg is an NYC neighborhood renowned for being the home to most of NYCs renowned hipster population. The neighborhood features a wide range of offbeat restaurants and bars, elegant coffee shops, wonderful markets, and live music shows. 

Spending a weekend in Williamsburg is an experience like no other, and one that we’d suggest you and your family have when visiting New York City. What makes visiting and for that matter living here even more enjoyable is the fact that it’s super close to Manhattan, and makes you feel as if you are right in the heart of this vast concrete jungle. 

East Village 

If you ask me for my personal all-time favorite neighborhood in New York City, I won’t even have to think about it; it’s Manhattan’s East Village. This neighborhood famous for its nightlife is a place like no other. With a diverse range of bars and restaurants in the area, you’ll never find yourself bored. There are several karaoke bars filled with an eclectic mix of people and is the definition of downtown living. 

Even though it is not ideally suited for families this neighborhood is certainly one of the more affordable and happening places to live in.

Upper West Side 

Despite being one of the expensive neighborhoods in New York City, living in Upper West Side, Manhattan, offers a unique and different experience of NYC life. It is by far one of the greenest neighborhoods as it is nestled between Central Park and Riverside. The neighborhood is home to the Natural History Museum and Lincoln Center and hosts plenty of homely bistros, restaurants, and bars.

Upper West Side offers a cozy, laid-back, and quiet residential lifestyle in a city that is always bustling with energy and buzz. 


Have you ever heard of the Rockefeller Center? Times Square? Broadway? Has your favorite musician ever done a concert in the famous Madison Square Garden? Well, you’re in luck, because all these places are located in Midtown. 

It is no surprise then that Midtown has the most tourist attractions centered in one place anywhere in New York City, which means there’s a lot going on in the area. Being a busy neighborhood, it’s one that stays true to the fast-paced city lifestyle.

While some might love the energy of Midtown, others may not. However, it’s still a great and iconic neighborhood to settle down in with your family. 

Upper East Side

Upper East Side is a neighborhood most renowned for being the home to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s a beautiful place to live in with plenty of up-scale residential and commercial homes and buildings. Even though it is considered one of NY’s preppy neighborhoods it is a lot more affordable to settle here than in the other upscale parts of this great city.

The neighborhood offers relaxed living, an entertaining nightlife, great schools, and a bright and inviting neighborhood making it one of the most sought-after places to live for families moving to NYC.

The Best Neighborhood In NYC For Families

Every family is different and has its own set of needs when it comes to finding the right place to settle down. Luckily, NYC is a place that offers something for just about anybody. With plenty of amazing neighborhoods to pick and choose from, finding the perfect home to raise your family is easier than ever.

If you are planning to move to any one of NYC’s legendary neighborhoods it is best to hire a moving company to help you with the transition process. Packing up and relocating can be hard enough and thus making sure that all your moving supplies are properly packed and secured is essential to a smooth move.