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7 Tips for Moving with A Baby That Will Save Your Sanity

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Even for the most organized people, moving is a hectic and stressful task. Moving isn’t just something that takes a toll on you physically, but it is also mentally overwhelming. There’s nervousness, excitement, a little fear, and lots of doubts involved. And if you add a cranky, tired, hungry, and dependable little human being in the mix, it can get crazy. 

Fortunately, there’s a way around it and it involves planning. With proper management, planning, and help from the right people, your moving day can be a smooth ride with your baby. Want some foolproof tips for moving with a baby and saving your sanity? We have got you covered.

7 Tips For Moving With A Baby

Anyone who has ever been a parent knows just how stressful moving with a baby can be. That is why we have compiled a list of 7 easy tips for moving with a baby that is bound to make your life a whole lot simpler!

  1. Appoint A Babysitter for The Move Day

To keep your sanity in check and not have a thousand things demanding your attention on a moving day, we suggest appointing babysitter weeks in advance. We’d even suggest planning a backup babysitter for the the-last-minute-cancellation scenario. You’d thank yourself for taking this decision for years to come. Make sure the babysitter you choose for the day is someone your baby is familiar with and likes.  

An even better option is arranging for someplace for the baby to stay as you overlook the move. That way, your baby can stay at an aunt’s, uncle’s, or grandparents’ home while you set up their room. 

  1. Set Up the Baby’s Room First

Speaking of rooms, the baby’s room is the first place you should set up in your new home. Pack all your stuff in stackable and nestable boxes and label them accordingly. Ask the moving company to put the baby’s room furniture at the very end in the truck. That way, when you reach your new home, you can set up the baby’s room first and find everything easily in the bins. 

Once the baby’s room is all set up, you can settle the baby in, and take care of the rest of the stuff to unpack. 

  1. Make Safety Your Top Priority 

Many people prefer renting a van and taking care of the move themselves. However, this is not the safest option when you have a baby in tow. If your moving arrangements have had you driving the van and taking the baby with you, it can create a safety concern. You can either drive the van and have someone looking after the baby. Or you and your family can drive up to your new home in a car with a secure baby seat, while the movers take care of transporting your valuables. 

  1. Baby-Proof the New Home

Another smart tip that ensures your baby’s safety and your sanity is baby proofing the house before bringing the baby. Moving fills the house with lots of packing material, which can be hazardous to babies. Empty homes are also often filled with dust and cleaning them thoroughly would also be accounted as baby-proofing the house.  If you are a new parent and this is your first-ever move with a baby, we suggest checking out U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and their information on baby-proofing the house. Some basic steps include: 

  • Installing safety gates on stairways and other risky areas
  • Removing small ingestible objects from the house, or from within a baby’s reach. 
  • Secure furniture so they don’t topple over 
  • Install fire alarms, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide alarms.  
  • Remove cords from around the house
  • Place the crib clear of any object with choking hazards
  1. Pack all the Baby Essentials for the Road

If you are planning to drive with your baby on a moving day, the first thing you need to pack is a bag with all your baby essentials. No matter how short or long the trip is, this bag is necessary. This bag will even come in handy in the initial days in your new home, especially if it wasn’t possible to set up the baby’s room first.  This bag will save you from searching for the absolute essentials in sheer panic as you find yourself surrounded by tons of moving bins. The contents of this bag must include nappies (more than enough), powder, rash cream, wet wipes, baby food, and at least 3 pairs of fresh clothes. Medications (if any) are to be kept in this bag too. 

  1. Labels

Your work isn’t done after the moving company has unloaded your furniture and your items. The next task is to unpack and set up all the things in your new home, while also looking after a baby. To make the world easier for you, and avoid any inconvenience, label and categorize everything. The best way to pack and label items is based on the rooms. All the kitchen essentials go in a bin labeled ‘kitchen’. The same trick goes for all the other rooms. That way, you can just move the right boxes in the corresponding rooms and start unpacking one by one.  

  1. Find a Good Service to Rely on For Supplies, Packing, and Moving 

Taking care of a baby is a full-time job and moving requires your supervision. Hence, like any good supervisor, delegate the tasks. Don’t go arranging for vulnerable cardboard boxes for packing stuff, because then you would need to work extra hard to secure your goods. Invest in bins and moving boxes made specifically for this purpose, use the services of your movers to pack your valuables, and do hire movers to take care of loading and unloading. That way, you only need to set up the rooms and unpack. 

Moving Made Stress-Free

We hope that our practical and wise tips will make your move with a baby go flawlessly. Make sure to start early, plan, and use help whenever you can. You can also opt to hire professional moving companies such as Bin It that provide all-around moving services in North Bergen, NJ at extremely affordable rates.