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Moving Upright Freezer Tips

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Moving Upright Freezer Tips

Modern freezers come in many different types of designs and shapes. One of these designs is the upright freezer. An upright freezer stands vertically like a normal refrigerator. It is designed in an upright position so it does not require as much space as a conventional deep freezer. 

Moving an upright freezer is a strenuous task and requires caution and care so the coils and refrigeration unit inside the freezer do not get damaged. Below are some easy tips to help you move your upright freezer more efficiently and safely. 

1. Make sure the freezer is worth moving

The first step is to ask yourself whether it is worth it to move the freezer to your new home or not. It might be possible that your upright freezer is in a bad state mechanically. Issues with its compressor or other cooling parts would make it infeasible to move.

Also, consider the space available in your new home and whether you still need an upright freezer. Could a normal fridge with a freezer compartment suffice? These questions are important as upright freezers are heavy appliances. They require considerable effort to move and can cost a hefty sum as you would most likely have to hire professionals.

Another option is to sell this upright freezer and buy a new freezer once you have moved to your new home. This will help you save transportation costs when doing a long-distance move and you will also get a new freezer.

2. Ask a friend to help you move the appliance

Ask a friend beforehand to help you in moving your freezer. Upright freezers are bulky and can weigh quite a lot, often requiring two or more people to make it budge. 

It is necessary to have a helping hand before you embark on this painstaking task. Not only is an upright freezer heavy but the parts inside can also be quite fragile making it tricky to transport.

Also, remember to empty the freezer contents such as frozen foods, plastic dividers, and such before you can move it. You should also drain the leftover water from melted ice and let the inside of the freezer dry completely. The drain water can cause unpleasant odors if the freezer is not allowed to completely dry and might damage it as well. At the end remove the electrical cord and secure it with a cable tie. 

3. Prepare the packing supplies

When packing your upright freezer you will need some packing supplies to protect the appliance from damage such as dents and scratches during transportation. 

The must-have packing items are furniture blankets, furniture sliders, packing tape, straps, and a moving dolly.

The furniture blankets will help in protecting the outer body of the freezer from scratches and other abrasions. You can use multiple blankets just to be on the safe side. The furniture sliders will help you in sliding the freezer upright without tilting.

Use packing tape to close the open end of the blankets and to keep them from coming off.

Straps will be required to secure the freezer to the appliance dolly. Since there are many upright freezer models you should get a furniture dolly that is big enough to accommodate your freezer.

4. Get the right type of moving dolly

Upright freezers are very heavy and you cannot move their extra weight without a dolly. Choosing the right type of dolly will depend on the model of your upright freezer. 

There are two types of dolly, one is a furniture dolly and the other one is an appliance dolly. The furniture dolly is best for moving small household objects while the appliance dolly is for moving household appliances. 

So you must get an appliance dolly that is L-shaped and has two wheels. Remember, if you have a flight of stairs to descend when moving the freezer you should call in the professional movers because the dolly cannot go down the stairs.

Rent or purchase the right type of moving dolly to complete the task damage- and injury-free.

5. Remove any food products from the freezer

Remove any frozen contents or frozen food from the freezer. You can use the defrost function to melt away the ice around these items, this will allow you to remove them more easily. 

6. Disconnect the icemaker and defrost the freezer

When defrosting the freezer, also disconnect the ice dispenser and its water lines. This way you can be fully sure that the freezer is fully drained. When removing the ice dispenser make sure that the power supply is turned off or you can get electrocuted.

7. Clean up the freezer

Cleaning the freezer is one of the most essential steps because once you remove the power cord, the ice starts to melt, exposing the spillage from the food items, giving off a foul smell.

Once you have removed these food items and other contents, you should clean the compartments and dry the freezer so there are no chances of mold growth.

The doors of an upright freezer are the same as refrigerator doors which have compartments. You should empty them as well and detach the compartments before you start moving the heavy freezer.

Contact A Professional Moving Company

The tips mentioned above are critical steps that need to be followed before you start packing and moving the appliance for transport. But it is also possible that you do not want to take on a DIY freezer move, in that case, you should contact professional movers.

Bin it provides the best moving solutions for your moving needs. You can contact them to move your upright freezer. Since they are a professional moving company they will ensure that they take all the necessary precautions while moving your fridge. 

Upright freezers are delicate appliances and require care while being handled, they need to be kept in a vertical position all the time, they also need to be strapped securely so they do not get damaged while being transported.

A professional moving company such as Bin-It can take all these precautions and make sure that your upright freezer gets delivered to the doorstep of your new home safely and securely. 

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