Moving Boxes NYC - #1 Guide for Your Best Options

Moving Boxes NYC – #1 Guide for Your Best Options

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Moving Boxes NYC - #1 Guide for Your Best Options

It is quite frustrating, inconvenient, and unprofessional when cardboard boxes frequently collapse during the move. The traditional cardboard boxes are extremely limited in variety, can’t bear the weight of heavy objects, takes hours to wrap and pack, and can’t be trusted with delicate valuables.

Moving companies often face serious setbacks due to a lack of proper moving supplies.

What if we tell you that there are moving boxes, customized specifically to move? That these boxes can make you more efficient, secure, and give your moving business a steady reputation?

We are positive you’d want to know everything about it. Here’s your #1 guide to the best options for moving boxes in NYC:

Your Guide to Getting the Right Moving Boxes In NYC

As a moving company, your services shouldn’t be generic, but specific to your customers’ needs. People have different lifestyles and different objects that they hold valuable. Your moving boxes for wardrobe and kitchen utensils can’t be the same. Nor can you place glass objects and TV in similar boxes. Do not go looking for traditional and cheap moving boxes, the best moving boxes are the kinds that can protect all kinds of moving objects. The same goes for people planning to move. You need the best protection for your goods and you can only achieve that with the right moving boxes.

Where to Buy Moving Boxes In NYC?

NYC is a treasure of interesting finds if you know where to look. If you want to invest in the right moving supplies in NYC, make sure you reserve some time to look around and do your research. Before you move on to purchasing the moving supplies, you need to learn how to make the move as efficient as possible. You need a to-do list, a proper timeline, and a well-thought-out plan. The more organized you are, the smoother your moving experience in New York will be.  

Kinds of Moving Boxes

Once everything is going according to the plan, it’s time for you to place your orders for the moving boxes. Following are the different kinds of boxes and the kind of inventory they are best suited for.

·       Bin-It Plastic Moving Bins

Bin It Plastic Moving Bins, have a heavy-duty body. This moving bin is 27″ in length, 17″ in width, and 12″ in height. These plastic moving boxes are curated with comfort-fit handles and an attached lid that seals shut to secure the objects inside. This custom-made moving bin is designed with all the moving needs in mind. Its nestable and stackable quality also makes sure that storing the bins takes as little space as possible. These USA-made products are easier to carry, quicker to stack, secure to load, and at least 10-times more efficient to work with than cardboard boxes. Additionally, these high-end plastic bins guarantee the safety of valuables.

·       Wardrobe Box

You don’t need to fear damaging your wardrobe or ending up with extremely wrinkled clothing in your new home. The Wardrobe moving box ensures that your wardrobe reaches its new destination in the same condition you packed it in. The Bin IT wardrobe box (48” in height and 24” in width) holds about 2-feet of hanging clothes.  With this moving box, you don’t have to fold the clothes or remove them from the hangers. You just need to shift them from your closet to the box.

·       TV Box

TVs are the most fragile items to transfer and are most likely to damage during the move. However, this expensive possession can be secured with the help of the Bin IT TV Box. The thick, double-walled outer body of the TV Box saves the big screen from impact during bumpy rides.

Alternatives to Cardboard Moving Boxes

For centuries, cardboard boxes have been used for moving. However, they aren’t the only options you have when it comes to moving houses.

You can invest in something much more durable, secure, and time-saving. What’s more, is that these alternative options are reusable too. This is especially a good investment for those who tend to move a lot, as well as for moving companies in NYC.

These sustainable moving boxes can provide the option of renting. This way, you get to pay a reasonable amount for a high-end moving experience.  Bin It Plastic Moving Bins by Bin IT is one of these alternative options. You get them delivered to your home with labels on them, and you can immediately start packing. No need to assemble or duct-tape the boxes.

Other Supplies You Will Want for your Move

A move in NYC can become a lot more fun and easy process with the right supplies by your side. Here are some other items that can help you move to NYC without so much as a hitch:

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wraps are loved by kids and adults alike. However, they serve a much important purpose of securing and safeguarding your fragile valuables during the move. You can get your hands on 12*15-inch bubble wrap rolls for just $5.99.

Sofa & Mattress Covers

While it seems unlikely, sofas and mattresses can get damaged from dust, debris, and moisture during the move. To save yourself from unexpected expenses, invest in sofa and mattress covers made from heavy-grade plastic. And the good news? You can use them again and again over the years during renovations and painting in the house.


With Bin It, you can sit back, relax, and watch the process unfold swiftly as the professionals pack, secure, and move your valuables to your new home in NYC, and all of it at reasonable rates. What’s more, is that they use recycled plastic and environmental-friendly products during the move.