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Living in Manhattan: Our Guide

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Living in Manhattan Our Guide

There are five boroughs in New York City, each offering its own unique living experience. However, Manhattan is a borough that is central to the New York lifestyle. It is the powerhouse and the beating heart of the big apple.

It is home to some of the most expensive real estate on earth with skyscrapers reaching the heavens. But is also densely populated and home to people of all races, ethnicities, and cultures.

Manhattan can be a great place to move if you want a change in your overall lifestyle. But you should remember that relocating to Manhattan (even if you were previously living within New York City) can be challenging. Here are some tips to make your life a little easier once you have moved.

Get Comfortable with NYC Transportation

The public transportation system in NYC is the best way to commute across the city. With countless taxis, buses, and the world-famous subway, it is by far the fastest and most affordable way to get around town. 

Owning a personal vehicle in Manhattan is not only expensive but quite a hassle. The busy streets and slow-moving traffic will leave you in a constant state of stress and anxiety. And to top it off finding a parking spot can be like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Coupled with the crazy traffic regulations and countless pedestrians, the best way to travel in Manhattan is definitely public transport or hailing a taxi. Cycling is also a great option for those seeking to stay fit and do their part in saving the environment!

If you do own a car and are making a temporary move you can always keep it in storage until you decide to move again. You can easily find an affordable storage space/unit if need be and use the vehicle only for trips outside the city. 

Reevaluate Your Budget

The cost of living in New York City, especially in Manhattan, is expensive. If you are moving from a city that has a lower cost of living you might have to change the way you handle your finances. 

For example, the cost of living comfortably in Marshall County, Mississippi for a family of four is $48,000 while in NYC this family will need to spend $93,000 for a similar lifestyle. The biggest expenses in NYC are housing, childcare, and insurance.

Rental apartments make up 75% of all homes in Manhattan. The cost of average monthly rent is around $4000. This is why it is important to adjust your budget when you come to New York City.

Plan for a Different Type of Shopping Trip

Not having a car to go around the vicinity can make you anxious but you can change the way you shop. Most locals in Manhattan get their groceries by dividing their shopping list into smaller segments. They will buy these groceries on multiple trips so they do not need a vehicle to move them home. 

It is common for people to stock up on essential items and buy wholesale products in bulk for cheaper prices but this won’t be possible in Manhattan. You will have to change your habit and only buy enough groceries that you can carry home in a single trip.

Be Realistic About How You’ll Eat

Your daily life in Manhattan can be the opposite of what you had before. You will need to reevaluate your habits and look at your budget from a different point of view. People who are accustomed to the suburban lifestyle are known for preparing meals at home for their lunch at work. You will have to reconsider this habit because anything you will want to cart along will need to be carried on the subway. 

Most people living in Manhattan prefer to eat out regularly and consider it a part of their lifestyle.  

Adjust Your Pace

New York City is a 24-hour city that is always on the move. It is not a place for staying stationary or being laid back. You must get acquainted with walking and pacing around the sidewalks. Manhattanites have the lowest obesity rates mostly because walking is a part of their lifestyle.   

Downsize Your Belongings

The cost of housing is at the higher end in Manhattan. If you are planning to buy a home instead of renting it, just remember that the average cost per square foot is around $1773. So the recommended approach is to reduce your belongings to a few essentials if possible.  

Remember when you go apartment hunting, get all the information specially the total area occupied by the apartment. So you can get rid of any non-essential items or things you no longer use.

Or you can rent out affordable storage units in New York City. These storage units provided by companies such as Bin It are best for storing items that you use from time to time. This way they do not occupy precious space and you do not have to pay hefty sums for buying them each time you need them. You can find out more about these storage units here:

Get to Know the City Before You Commit

If you are planning to move to Manhattan, it is recommended to try to get to know the city and learn about its basics. This will help you to make an informed decision so your quality of life is not compromised. 

However, you may be forced to move to Manhattan because of your work or job. In that case, your employer can offer you reimbursements for moving and other related expenses. This can also include a hotel rental for you. this way you can have plenty of time to choose a home where you can settle into. Keep in mind that moving expenses related to job relocation are usually tax-deductible

You should go around Manhattan, through its residential neighborhoods to decide where you want to live. 

Manhattan Neighborhoods

Manhattan neighborhoods offer their own unique living experiences, each neighborhood’s residents are proud of their heritage. You can ask them about their experiences and get a true idea about how good that particular neighborhood is. 

Some affluent neighborhoods such as Gramercy Park, Tribeca, SoHo, and Carnegie Hill offer the best living experiences. They also have an extremely vibrant fashion scene which is fueled by the artisan residents living here. 

Moving To Manhattan

Moving to the land of opportunity, NYC, can be the most important step of your life. It can open new doors in not only your work life but your personal life as well. When moving to Manhattan, you will require boxes and containers to pack your belongings, but it can be difficult to find the right boxes. 

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