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A Guide to Living In New Jersey

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Are you planning a move and New Jersey is appealing to your senses? We understand how daunting it seems to leave a place you know so well. Even more scary is the idea of settling down in an entirely new place.

Granted New York has its charm, but so does New Jersey. If your work or your responsibilities are taking you to New Jersey, don’t fret it. Through this guide, you’d learn a lot more about your new home and what its like living in New Jersey.

Why Would New Yorkers Want to Move to Jersey City?

Real estate! That’s the answer you’re looking for. New Yorkers move to New Jersey mostly because of the great value for money you get on New Jersey’s waterfront area. Furthermore, there are new development plans as we speak. Whether you wish to buy a condo and settle down in one of the rental apartments, you get a great view in a much less amount than in New York.

One of the main reasons New Yorkers move to New Jersey is that it is a lot cheaper and cost-effective than New York, with fewer income taxes too.   

And lastly, the reason why New Yorkers prefer New Jersey is that it is closest to New York.

The Best Neighborhoods – Where in Jersey City Should You Live?

New Jersey’s biggest charm is its location. You can live in New Jersey and still commute to work every day to New York. Or you can spend your day in Philadelphia and still be back in New Jersey by bedtime.

You can choose a place in New Jersey closest to the city you travel frequently. Or you can choose one of the following top places in New Jersey to live:


If you don’t like the crowded neighborhoods of New Jersey then this ardent little suburb with its neat rows of Victorian houses is perfect for a family. You can rent a house here for an average of $1981 a month.


Home to the top-tier Princeton University, this town in New Jersey is lively and vivacious at any time of the day. The college town is a perfect place to move from New York if you just love the energetic vibe, or want to make sure you remain closer to both, New York and Philadelphia.

Saddle Brook

This town in New Jersey is the aptest choice for those whose job involves lots of time on the road. This small town is located close to at least 3 major highways, making it a great choice for frequent commuters. This small town of 14,000 people is also a community that stays close via baseball games, sporting events, community movie nights, and walks and talks with the mayor. 

The Top Entertainment Districts in New Jersey

Moving to a new place means you must also learn all about its entertainment options and the most fun towns to live in.


Clinton is one of the most picturesque towns in New Jersey, along with various shopping districts and a riveting river with a 200-foot-wide waterfall. It’s the best place for a day trip.

Jersey City

Jersey City is another attractive place to live with its spellbinding harbor views, New York Skyline, and nightlife to get your blood pumping.


If you like history and weekend getaway trips, Morristown is your place. The town has a rich Revolutionary War history, recreation parks, and best-preserved cultural heritage.

Costs of Living in Jersey City

Costs of living in New Jersey are more than the average of the US, however, for New Yorkers, it is a cheaper alternative for their hefty living cost in the Big Apple.

New Yorkers will find almost everything in Jersey City at a lower rate than their former home. The rent, real estate, transport, utilities, groceries, restaurants, and entertainment is cheaper than in New York.

  • A one-bedroom house for instance, in a fancy neighborhood, would cost about $2500 a month in rent. Its equivalent in Manhattan would cost more than $3000.
  • A single person in New Jersey can live a comfortable life at $1096 /month, excluding the rent. A family of four can live on a monthly cost of $4038, excluding the rent.
  • In New Jersey, you can have a meal at an inexpensive restaurant for just $16. A monthly pass for your transportation will cost you approximately $100. In utilities, you can expect around $100 for electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage for a 2-bedroom apartment.

Commuting in Jersey City

Getting around in New Jersey is very feasible and easy. Your car would be easy enough to drive and manage. However, if you are not the daily-driving kind of person, Jersey City has you covered.

Your commute options in New Jersey include the Nj Transit, Amtrak, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, PATH, SEPTA, PATCO, NJ Riverline, and Hudson-Bergen Light Rail.

You can check out the Bus & Train Schedule Listing here and the list of Bus Terminals here, to make a better decision about your new neighborhood.

Jersey City Near Me

One of the biggest perks of living in Jersey City has to be connected with the surrounding cities and communities.

Just to the east of Jersey City is the Hudson River, to the west is Newark and Hackensack River. Union City is northwards along with North Bergen and Hoboken. And we don’t need to tell you that you can enjoy a trip to the Big Apple whenever you wish to.

Useful Tips When Moving to Jersey City

We completely understand that moving can get quite stressful. Don’t worry, we have some tips to help you with that:

  • Hire professional and trustworthy movers such as the Bin It. More than half of the work will be done by them, while you can focus on other, more pressing matters.
  •  Don’t be hard on yourself by picking tiresome and nuanced packing boxes. Go for convenient and fool-proof packing boxes that make moving easier for you. You can find eco-friendly rentable items from Bin It.
  • Pick the right supplies to save yourself from the heartbreak of damaged goods during the move. Invest in bubble wraps for fragile items, sofa and mattress covers, and wardrobe boxes for your delicate clothing.

Bottom line is, wherever you are deciding to move, don’t wait to learn about the place until you move there. Explore the different neighborhoods of New Jersey. Make sure to visit Jersey City, Weehawken, Hoboken, or any of the Gold Coast towns to find the best living options for yourself.